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Friday, December 16, 2011

What is it with atheists anyway?

It has become an annual assault by a tiny minority on the overwhelming majority in an illegal and unconstitutional drive to suppress all public religious expression. Carson Holloway reports from

South New Jersey is apparently the location of the latest example of what is now almost a holiday tradition: angry atheists complaining about (and constitutionalizing their complaints about) public displays of Christian faith. In Pittman, New Jersey, the Knights of Columbus have put up a sign, hanging over a private road, but attached to two privately owned buildings, admonishing readers to “Keep Christ in Christmas.” The sign apparently provoked the ire of some residents of the town, who contacted the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation. The group’s “constitutional consultant” then contacted the city, asking that the sign be removed.

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In New York City the dehumanizing daily cattle drive known as commuting became slightly more tolerable in the Staten Island Ferry terminals for a few weeks each year as Christmas and Hanukkah decorations brightened up the ordinarily drab and sterile environments of the terminals. This year this decades old practice has been discontinued by Mayor Bloomberg because "the Department of Transportation got sued one to many times." Please tell me again how this guy was so wonderful that we had to ignore the term limits law to re-elect him.

Mayor Bloomberg is playing the role of Mayor Grinch.

Hizzoner on Friday defended the city's call not to allow Christmas trees and other decorations in ferry terminals this year.

"Nobody's more in favor of holiday spirit and holiday decorations," the mayor said on WOR Radio. "In this case, the Department of Transportation got sued one time too many... Last year a Nativity scene was placed in one of the terminals without a permit."

The brouhaha over decking the halls started when Staten Island commuters noticed earlier this month that the Christmas trees, menorahs and holiday lights that usually decked the Staten Island ferry's halls had vanished. The terminals on either side of the harbor were typically decorated by early December.

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OK, so if you want to deny others freedom of speech and the free excercise of their religion all you have to do is sue persistently. Got it.

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