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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Melinda Gates vs the Vatican on Contraception

Billionaire philanthropist and practicing Catholic Melinda Gates is in the news for openly challenging the Vatican "by vowing to dedicate her life to improving access to contraception for women in the developing world." You can read the article here. I will leave the status of her soul to the only One qualified to pass judgement however she is sadly misinformed about the supposed benefits of contraception. Sanger first peddled this stuff in the first place as a panacea to reduce poverty by reducing births to those who could least afford them. Instead the unintended consequence has been a major contributing factor to the ongoing destruction of the family in our society and the debasement of what should be the supreme expression of love between a man and a woman to an entertaining pastime. Marriages continue to decline while the divorce rate among those who do marry continues to soar. It is not surprising that the cavalier attitude toward the role of the conjugal act in procreation has netted us the current culture of death where abortion is the norm for dealing with an unborn child who who may be mentally or physically handicapped or perhaps simply the wrong sex or conceived at an inconvenient time. Artificial contraception is an intrinsic evil in and of it self and like so much of the evil that permeate our society it is cloaked in the deception that it is beneficial and will enhance the pleasures of life. Instead it sows the seeds of societal destruction and lays the ground work for the arguably greater evils of infanticide, already practiced in botched abortions where the baby is allowed to die through neglect or the direct action of the abortionist, and euthanasia, cleverly couched in semantic gymnastics in the woefully misnamed "Affordable Care Act." So I will give Melinda Gates the benefit of the doubt that she thinks she is doing the right thing and supporting the right cause in trying to combat the crushing poverty of the underdeveloped world but her reasoning is as flawed as it is shortsighted, a not uncommon consequence of the do it yourself cafeteria style theology so many are so eager to embrace today.