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There are all kinds of stories out there. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry. Some will make you shrug, some will make you scream. Read any daily paper or listen to any newscast and your emotions can go from happy to sad to disbelief to fear to incredulity to horror to anger in very short order.
As we go along, there will be stories, as Paul Harvey used to say, to "wash your ears out with." There will be others that will make you feel like you need to be deloused simply by virtue of have in heard or read them. Some posts will be religious, some secular and for some I expect will defy easy classification in either category. I hope you will join me in this journey and pleas feel free to comment along the way.
For my part I pledge not to remove any posts unless they are vulgar, libelous, threatening or otherwise in violation of the standards of civil discussion. I will not remove any post simply because I disagree with it but I will reserve the right to respond to any challenges that come my way.
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Thursday, December 20, 2012


In all the responses to the horrific events in Newtown, Ct this past Friday this three letter word is the one question that will be asked the most-and the one that will remain unanswered. That doesn't mean that there will be any shortage of opinions. We are already hearing the typical and predictable arguments from both sides of the gun control debate and the usual speculation about the shooters mental health issues and possible developmental disorders. Soon the recriminations will begin, "Why didn't anyone see the warning signs? What can we do to head off something like this from happening again?"
All of these things are natural reactions, of course, and the reasons given may well have been contributing factors. but they really do not answer that crucial question: Why? We certainly will not get the answers from our politicians who, while I do not question the sincerity of their emotions, have couched their public statements in a way that is carefully crafted to push-or at least protect-their own political agendas. It began with the President's statement on the day of the tragedy but it sadly did not end there.
We have been forced this week to gaze into the face of the absolute evil it takes to deprive another of life. No matter what our political, ethnic or religious affiliation we are united in horror and grief over these senseless and needless deaths. For a brief time we have all become acutely of just how precious the gift if life is and how inconceivable it is that anyone should take it upon them selves to end it.

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