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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Liberation theology, not Calvinism, is behind Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto |

I remember seeing Apocalypto some time ago and I agree with the author here that Giles Frasier is completely off base and frankly I am not sure where these comparisons that imply antisemitism in the movie come from. Also Frasier's confusion of Gibson's conservative brand of Catholicism and Calvinism shows a fundamental misunderstanding the theology of each.

The one redeeming feature about the recent spate of Bank Holidays and the fact that it gets dark so early is that one can find time for the guilty pleasure of watching DVDs. Over New Year I hunkered down with Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto, which I think is an absolutely brilliant film. Others disagree. One such is Dr Giles Fraser , who took the film to task in the Guardian for theological error and anti-Semitism, among other things. I strongly disagree with what Dr Fraser has to say about the film’s supposed anti-Semitism, and I think his reading of it as an allegory where the Mayan priests stand in for the Jews is simply wrong. I also strongly disagree with what he implies in the following:

"What’s more sinister is the connection Gibson is always forging between salvation and violence. The root cause is a theology associated particularly with Anselm and Calvin. Human beings are wicked and can only make it to heaven if they are punished for their sin, thus righting the scales of justice and wiping clean the slate. The problem is, human wickedness is so deep that the required punishment would be too much for us to bear. So Christ offers to take our place, accepting our punishment in the form of an excruciating crucifixion. It’s the story of salvation, as read by the religious right. All sin must be paid for with pain."

Read more here:Liberation theology, not Calvinism, is behind Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto |

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