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Friday, January 6, 2012

And now for some really important news...

...and no, this is not about the election. This is far more serious and certain to have a greater impact of people like myself. Are you ready? The Girl Scouts are introducing a new cookie. And just in case you are a hermit and do not know any the article includes a link to looking up a nearby seller. How cool is that?

othing warms my heart more than seeing that colorful Girl Scout cookie order form being passed around the office.

Last year I pounced on my co-worker who I suspected had a school-aged daughter just about the right age. Of course, I wanted to help make her a star in her troop, as well as get my hands on the cookies that only the Girl Scouts can do. I ordered three boxes of my favorite (yes, Thin Mints) with every intention of sharing them with my husband, only to eat every last one very quietly at my desk.

So I couldn't be more overjoyed to hear that the Girl Scouts are introducing Savannah Smiles, a lemon cookie, to mark its 100th anniversary. It's described as a dense, crunchy and shortbread-like cookie with a light lemon flavor with a sugar dusting.

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