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Friday, September 9, 2011

WOLF: Obama more telegraph than iPhone - Washington Times

When I was in high school I was hippy wannabe. I had the long hair and bell bottoms and was full of half baked socialist ideological ideas. I never made it to full fledged hippy I guess because I did not get into drugs, was too homely and shy for the sexual revolution and I never claimed to have been at Woodstock. What attracted me, of course, was the promise individual freedom. As I grew older I realized that this promise was just another version of the lie teh serpent told to eve and that the result was the same-a false promise which led only to abject slavery and slow, painful death. This article shows the stark difference between the false sense of security projected by those who would have government cure our ills and what happens when true free enterprise and the indomitable human spirit is allowed to thrive.

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WOLF: Obama more telegraph than iPhone - Washington Times

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