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There are all kinds of stories out there. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry. Some will make you shrug, some will make you scream. Read any daily paper or listen to any newscast and your emotions can go from happy to sad to disbelief to fear to incredulity to horror to anger in very short order.
As we go along, there will be stories, as Paul Harvey used to say, to "wash your ears out with." There will be others that will make you feel like you need to be deloused simply by virtue of have in heard or read them. Some posts will be religious, some secular and for some I expect will defy easy classification in either category. I hope you will join me in this journey and pleas feel free to comment along the way.
For my part I pledge not to remove any posts unless they are vulgar, libelous, threatening or otherwise in violation of the standards of civil discussion. I will not remove any post simply because I disagree with it but I will reserve the right to respond to any challenges that come my way.
God bless you and welome to my blog.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Warning! This might tempt you to think for yourself!

Thanks to the vigilant efforts of an army of ambulance chasers through the years we are inundated with warning labels on virtually every product. You know the ones I mean. The label on the paint can tray at the top a step ladder that says "NOT A STEP" just in case the other label that says "PAINT CAN TRAY" enough of a clue as to its purpose. Or, my personal favorite, the warning on coffee cups that screams "WARNING, HOT COFFEE" which assumes that I must be such an imbecile that somehow could not make the connection between the hot coffee I just ordered and paid for and that which is now in the cup in my hand.
Apparently, the labels for morons business must be a little slow because the geniuses that came up with these labels have now decided that we cannot even read our founding documents or great historical treasures without their tutelage and guidance, lest we suffer accidental psychotic breaks or worse, start sounding like Glenn Beck. Read on...

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