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Friday, June 11, 2010

US to support Kagaroo Court?

The Obama Administration, according to this article in The Weekly Standard, stands ready to support a supposedly independent investigation by the UN, despite the fact that the chances of Israel receiving anything even approaching a fair hearing are roughly the same as winning the Powerball, Mega Millions and NY State Lotteries all in the same day as you are struck by lightning twice and survive. Is this administration so delusional that they truly believe that we have any true allies anywhere in the Middle Eat besides Israel?
Meanwhile, the LA Times reports that, "The Obama administration fears tough U.S. sanctions against companies doing business in Iran would anger foreign allies." Contrary to his very public support for strong (read meaningless) UN sanctions against Iran, the President has been quietly pushing in our own Congress for less stringent US sanctions against companies doing business with the Mad Mullahs. With any luck, from his point of view, he can render them as useless as anything the UN does.
Its a shame his touching concern for such staunch allies as Russia doesn't extend to real allies in this regard such as Great Britain as he relentlessly pummels BP, rather than actually working with the company to find a solution to the problem, in the vain hope that it will mask his own administration's incompetence on such a scale as to make the response to Katrina seem like a model of government efficiency. The effect on BP's stock price has been predictable and, while it may warm the cockles of what passes for a heart in those of the left, the possibility of a reduced or eliminated dividend will not only effect millions of pensioners here in the US but devastate those in the UK where half of all pension money paid out comes directly from BP dividends.
Way to go, Mr. President.

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