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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

ACLU may sue over Greensburg teens' 'sexting' charges | TribLIVE

 I wonder if the ACLU ever considers that it is violating the rights both the children's and the parents rights when they seek to use cases like this to forward their agenda to pervert the Constitution into an emancipation proclamation for all that is vile, disgusting and destructive in our society? The mother of the young girl deserves a medal for the way she handled this situation. Sexting is not a civil right, it is a serious problem which is resulting in the sexual exploitation of children by other children and, undoubtedly, by unscrupulous adults who manage to intercept these pictures. Parents have the right to restrict the activity of their children to what they deem appropriate. hey do not want nor do they need the advice and consent of the crackpots in the ACLU.

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