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Monday, August 22, 2011

This Pretty much sums up Obama's thought process

The environmental movement sounds like an idea that cannot be argued with. After all who could be against clean air and water, reduced reliance on fossil fuels and foreign energy and all that feel good Captain Planet stuff we are constantly told they care oh so much about. This cartoon from National Review Online pretty much sums up how these elitist hypocrites think. "Listen what I say but ignore what I do." Then he goes on vacation arriving in Martha's Vineyard three hours apart on his and her jets.
Three hours? Really? Michele couldn't wait three hours and save the taxpayers the expense-not to mention the ever increasing size of the carbon footprint of this first family-by traveling on the same plane as her husband? Yet we are expected to be patient after three and a half years while our economy unravels while this President blames everyone and everything, whines about criticism of any kind, Campaigns ceaselessly for re-election, plays golf and generally does not actually DO anything constructive.
Mr President, I would ask you to get back work, but then that would imply that you had actually done any work to begin with. Such is not the case. Instead you have chosen, just as you did in your brief legislative career, to vote "present" while others do the heavy lifting, while you sit back, light up another Marlboro, and do your level best to live up to the phrase, Those who can, do and those who can't, criticize.

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