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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Trial by accusation

It is certainly understandable that the Church would act with great haste to remove anyone from active ministry who has been accused of sexual impropriety. It may not seem entirely fair in light of the possibility-indeed the probability in our hyper-litigious society-that such an accusation may be totally unfounded, unsubstantiated and without merit, it is still preferable to game of musical parishes that was being played with truly abusive and pedophile priests in the not so distant past. What is truly a scandal today, however, is that accusation has become tantamount to conviction and suspension has become just a euphemism for permanent exile.
As tragic as Father Corapi's situation is perhaps the very public nature of this process and the refusal of Father Corapi to simply fade away into obscurity may serve as the impetus to at least begin to address the cases of those priests consigned to a living limbo based in accusations that may or may not be grounded in fact.
Father Corapi's response to the "fact finding" committee's press release that was made public yesterday can be found here.

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